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  • IT Asset Disposition Services (ITAD)

    Equipment decommissioning, secure removal, re-remarketing, and green recycling.

    IT Asset Disposition Services (ITAD)
  • International Business Experience

    Worldwide services capability in both equipment decommissioning and resale.

    International Business Experience
  • Best Financial Returns From Your Decommissioned Equipment

    We maximize residual equipment value through both resale and raw materials recycling.

    Best Financial Returns From Your Decommissioned Equipment
  • Customized Device and Data Security Solutions

    Our services include secure reverse logistics, DoD-compliant data wipes, and secure handling certification.


    Customized Device and Data Security Solutions
  • 100% Green Recycling For Disposed Equipment

    All disposed of equipment is salvaged for raw components—no overseas or landfill disposal.


    100% Green Recycling For Disposed Equipment
Can you pickup and package my equipment?
Yes, Aerobyte can arrange deinstallation services, packaging and all necessary transportation according to your business and security needs.
How is my equipment securely transported?
Aerobyte has many options available, common carrier, dedicated sealed truck, armored car and armed guards.
How are storage devices data-wiped?
We follow all DOD 5220.22M standards, if a drive reports a failure or the wipe cannot be verified it will be shredded
What inventory reports are available?
We can create custom inventory reports, we offer live reports prior to shut down, serialized reports, and reconciled reports.
Does your company ensure that my equipment will not endup in a landfill?
Yes, Aerobyte shreds all equipment that will be recycled and that material is smelted down to its raw commodities
How does a project work financially?
Aerobyte will work with you and your team, depending on the amount of equipment available and security requirements we will provide a propsal to you. It is our goal to ensure no cost pickup.

Welcome to Aerobyte

If your organization has used or excess IT equipment, we can help! Aerobyte's Asset Recovery solutions help you recover cash for end-of-life equipment while reducing e-waste disposal expense. 

We pinpoint assets with residual value and get you the highest value for your end-of-life assets. Aerobyte will examine each component and remarket them for cash, professional services or new equipment. 

Whatever equipment we are not able to buyback or remarket, we ensure is recycled safely using pure recycling techniques.



Aerobyte is a Green IT Company