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Auditing | Reporting

Customized ITAD Auditing Solutions

Our technology-savvy team captures general information about each asset and meticulously documents what they find. We create a receipt report for you, documenting an entire lot of assets to be recovered. Based on the audit results, Aerobyte will provide you with a report detailing each item submitted to us. You will also receive a Certificate of Disposal, outlining all of the assets that have been safely disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

If your company requires specific reporting requirements, Aerobyte can tailor a solution to meet your business needs. Our team will work with your organization to ensure that your audits are conducted according to your specific needs. Some options that are available are

  • Onsite Scanning of Assets
  • Serialized Audit upon Destruction
  • Reconciliation Reports

If you would like to discuss your specific reporting requirements please contact us today.